Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth BassSmallmouth bass are one of the most overlooked gamefish in Michigan.  They provide dynamite action on west Michigan’s rivers during the peak of summer.  Smallmouth hit flies and lures with fierce strikes, put up amazing fights, and can be caught in good numbers.  What’s not to like about them?

Smallmouth bass average 10-14″ with quite a few bigger fish around.  A 16″ smallmouth can put up one heck of a fight, and occasionally we tie into some in the 18-20″ range.  A 20″ smallmouth weighs over four pounds and tears up flyfishing gear and light tackle.

The Muskegon River near Paris, Big Rapids, and Hersey offers some of the finest river Smallmouth Bass fishing anywhere is Michigan. Clear water and trout like conditions make for some fantastic bass, walleye, and pike fishing.