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Chinook Salmon - Chinook (King) Salmon are the most exciting game fish found in our rivers. Fall Salmon runs in the Muskegon, Pere Marquette, and Manistee Rivers are simply incredible! These monsters can be caught casting crankbaits or stripping a fly and once hooked, they will wear your arms out. Join us for for a fishing adventure of a life time during the Fall Salmon Run!

During the early Salmon season (Late August, September) one of our favorite techniques is by far is casting crankbaits such as Deep Jr. Thundersticks. Mint Silver King Salmon that have just arrived from Lake Michigan absolutely crush these lures! They just about rip the rod out of your hands!

Chinook Salmon ascend the Pere Marquette, Manistee, and Muskegon Rivers in late August, September, through late October. Salmon are by far the largest and most powerful fish of the year. Chinook average 18 to 25 pounds but fish over 30 pounds are not uncommon!

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