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Brown-Trout-2Trout fishing has been fantastic!
Over the past few days, trout fishing has been excellent!  Good hatches including Gray Drake, Caddis, and light cahills have the trout looking up and feeding on top.  Large numbers of bait fish, salmon and steelhead fry, and gobies also play a key part in a trout’s diet.  Small streamers on a sink tip fly line have also been working well.  Salmon fry patterns have been the key to bigger trout.  On the bait side: Rapala minnows, Panther Martin Spinners, and Rebel Wee – R Crayfish crankbaits are working well for trout and smallmouth bass.  Trout fishing should continue to remain strong for the rest of the summer.

April Steelhead Fishing – Muskegon River Style
Warmer weather and frwpid-IMAG1054_1.jpgesh chrome make for some very happy anglers on the Mighty Muskegon River.  Over the past few days we have received nearly an inch of rain and when you add that to the snow melt off from our recent warm up, the Muskegon River is in prime condition for some epic Spring Steelhead.  Dark Winter “hold over” steelhead are becoming few and far between with fresh chrome pushing up from Lake Michigan daily, before long bright chrome should be our main soDSC_0838urce of entertainment.

What are we catching them on you ask…
Floats and spawn have been producing most of our fish for us, 5-6 egg bags with yellow or white netting seems to be what is hot in the world of spawn. “Old faithful” jigs and wax worms have been producing decent numbers so far this Spring as well. Showing them something different has been the key!   Steelhead have been holding just behind spawning  gravel in the dark water.

  Brutal cold and winds have let us know that Winter is here but when the fishing is good, it’s really good!   The past few days have been no exception.  There are big numbers of large steelhead in the Muskegon, Manistee, and Pere Marquette Rivers right now.

The dead of winter offers solace,  and quite possibly the best fishing of the year!!  Low angling pressure and you can have the streams to your self.  Steelhead and trout fishing is consistently good this time of year!

Steelhead are much, much larger this year for sure!  Last week we landed several fish approaching 20 lbs!  We don’t make up fish stories,  We catch them!  Come out and make a memory with us!  DSC_0782

Miranda displays a gorgeous mint silver hen.  These fish are on fire!  Beautiful chrome steelhead caught on floats and spawn!

Fall Steelhead on the Mighty Mo…  calaweart-Robin-300
Heavy rain over the past few days have brought fishable numbers of steelhead into the Muskegon River.  Lower sections near Giles and Mill Iron have a decent number of steelhead and Lake Run Brown trout. Higher water levels have moved steelhead throughout the river system making for some darn good fishing!   Floats and spawn, back bouncing spawn, and fishing hardware have been some of the best techniques for these great fighters.

Fall steelhead usually enter the river in late October and November and fish very well into the winter.  Steelhead are generally bad ass fighters and offer extreme challenges for anglers, especially on light tackle!!   The are excellent jumpers and love to fight and jump!

Erik with a nice Chinook SalmonOctober 3: Muskegon River is the place to be!  Cold nights and some heavy rains have certainly changed the game with the Chinook Salmon. Huge migrations of salmon over the past several days have bumped salmon into the upper sections of the mighty Mo. Good numbers now throughout the system.    Trout fishing has been phenomenal fishing micro egg flies behind spawning salmon.   Brown Trout certainly put on the feed bag doing the fall months gorging on salmon eggs! Rainbows and fall steelhead love hanging behind spawning salmon picking out nymphs in the gravel.

Jerry with a nice Coho from September 7  September 23:   The Big Manistee is FULL of huge Kings, especially up by Bear Creek and Tippy.  The fish are awesome this year.  We found some Cohos today (a rare treat) and caught a few.  They were half the size of Kings and still kicked our butts.  Flies are the way to go–the fish weren’t responding to Thundersticks at all.  We had to go up to 10 pound tippet on the Cohos and 12 pound on Kings and still lost a ton of fish.

September 5:  The rivers are starting to fill up with salmon.  Big Manistee and Pere Marquette are the first to have runs.  Catches have been pretty good and this cooler weather will hopefully bring more fish into the rivers.  Try casting plugs and spoons in the deepest holes in the lower river.  It’s a blast.

King Salmon on a Thunderstick

Fish are especially big this year, with many fish in the mid 20s landed and a few monsters (legitimate 30 pounders!).  There may not be as many fish, but you stand a good chance of hooking into the King of a lifetime.

Fall Salmon:  Salmon season is starting, with fish coming into the Pere Marquette and Manistee Rivers.  We target these explosive kings with spinning gear or fly tackle.
They will tear you up!

Casting diving plugs on 30 lb braided line can produce dynamite action for kings.  In the rivers, fighting these fish is like battling a freight train.  Fishing from a boat is a huge advantage because you can chase a fish that takes out 100+ yards of line.  This is the most fun you can have fishing in Michigan!

We have full day guided trips for salmon and fall steelhead.