Muskegon River Fall Steelhead – Great Lakes Fall Steelhead Action

DSC_0290.jpgAs the nights begin to get cold, and the leaves start to fall, the prince of fish enters the river.  Fall Steelhead is the focus of our adventures!  These noble fish enter Michigan rivers during the later fall months of October, November, and December.  Fall steelhead are top notch fighters and readily take well presented flies or a drifted spawn sack.
Spring-Steelhead-Muskegon-RiverThese great leapers prefer a big faster water than Chinook salmon but are often times found feeding behind spawning female salmon.  Glo -bugs or a spawn sack under a float usually does the trick.  Once hooked, Steelhead are among some of the most aggressive fighters there is!    They jump, jump, and jump some more!   They offer anglers some great fishing opportunities during the fall and winter months.      The best tackle for these great fish are light spinning tackle spooled with 8lb main line, and a 6lb fluorocarbon leader.  Steelhead are line shy so stealth is the key.  Best fly patterns are nuke eggs, glo bugs,  or clown eggs during the fall months.